Ditch Windows 7 Starter and Send Microsoft a Message

Anyone else get a netbook recently and have you experience stunted by Microsoft with their crippled version of Windows 7? As you know, recently I bought a new Samsung n210 netbook. The trouble is that it came with Windows 7 Starter Trial edition installed.

Of course, I planned to install UNR anyway, but I still wanted to play with Windows 7 6.1 and see how it compared to Vista… boy was I feeling sorely ripped off when I discovered that this is basically some kind of crippled Trial version of Windows. I mean, you can’t even change the wallpaper on it!

All because Microsoft wants to upsell you a copy of Home Premium so that they can subsidise their OS on a system that is just not cost efficient to run it.

Well, there was no way I was going fall into this lousy sales trap and if you don’t want to play Microsoft’s game that it’s forcing on everybody send them a real message. Don’t just pay up and grumble, switch to a complete Operating System with no limits on what you can use it for, switch to Linux.

Here are 5 distro’s I’ve personally used and can recommend, but you don’t even have to go for one on this list, check out others, especially if one doesn’t quite match with your hardware:

Ubuntu Netbook Remix
Linux Mint

Or try out these distros that have been specifically created for netbooks:

(UNR technically belongs here too)

Most, if not all, of these distros are going to let you install a duel boot with Windows 7, so even if you want to keep it just for manufacturer updates you can.

Best thing about using Linux on a netbook is absolutely no need to have an external DVD player. I have been using a netbook for over a year and have never needed to plug in an external DVD player. Most of the software I use comes straight from the repositories, the rest is available online.

Don’t throw your money at Microsoft, teach them a real lesson, democratise your computing experience and heal your netbook!

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