Religious Crap in Geocaches

Groundspeak forums are aflame once again… this time over a month old thread that has recently been resurrected from the grave.

And, then I found it. Slightly larger than my signature business card was this paper religious tract type of a thing.

Shock! Horror! Oh the travesty!

So what do you think of religious tracts left in geocaches? Personally I dislike the idea – anything paper or even card left in a cache ends up becoming damp and soggy – affecting the overall presentation of swag – not to mention does anyone other than the dilligent CITO’er really get much out of trading for them?

I’d like to know what generous Christian traded for their 1 penny tract… is this a case of “Riches I have not, but I do have this handy geocaching-friendly salvation-simplifying cartoon tract…”?

Come on, there’s some much better religious swag that can be used as quality trade items over a soggy tract!

3 thoughts on “Religious Crap in Geocaches

  1. I wouldn’t call myself religious but I was brought up Christian.

    I hate finding business cards, religious symbols or any similar subject matter. Rules do not matter to some people. I have come to expect the game played by various rules such as one account logging caches multiple times because not only does Mom and Dad have to log the cache but the kids have to log the cache as well.

    The way I handle it, I review caches and remove business cards and the like. If there is a bible in there, sorry, it gets thrown out. If you don’t want your items thrown out, don’t leave them in a cache.

  2. “If you don’t want your items thrown out, don’t leave them in a cache.”

    Umm, speaking of rules, the rules are trade items, not remove/destroy if you just don’t like it. Aside from adult material or anything causing damage (e.g. a soggy bar of soap) you should not be removing books without trading something even.

    Regarding religious ‘crap’, well there’s no rules saying you can’t trade such items, it’s the cache page that has such rules – can’t advertise commercial or religious activities.

  3. Wes,
    Placing a bible in a cache is advertising a religion. Why someone would place a bible in a cache that will more than likely get waterlogged is beyond me. However, I always trade out religious items and then promptly toss them in the garbage where they belong.


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