Google Earth on Android

After finally finding an apk and an app to install Google Earth as a workaround to the bug in the Android Market (GE is not available), I’m considering uninstalling it from my phone.

Whilst it’s fast, and a cool thing to show off, I find it’s feature set incredibly limited. What’s more, Google Maps offers more tools and is much easier to navigate on a touch screen. Plus Maps has a smaller footprint on memory and therefore I’m struggling for a reason to keep it on my Moto Milestone.

For those who want to give it a try however. Just do a google for “google earth apk for android” and pick one of the downloads.

I found the install didn’t work with Astro, so I downloaded FastAppInstall from the marketplace and this did the job.

However, when I then tried to start it I got a “can’t write to data directory, maybe run out of disk space” error. Deleting apps just didn’t work, but after some more googling I found some more hints (unfortunately I can’t find the sites now) which helped me to get it working. Here’s what I did for my Motorola Milestone without needing to do a factory reset:

When I tried to start the app, I got the “can’t write to data directory…” error. To fix this I:

  1. Uninstalled the Google Earth app
  2. Navigated to /sdcard/Android/data and deleted the package.
  3. Restarted the phone
  4. Reinstalled Google Earth and it started just fine.

Below is the Market link, but if that doesn’t help, try the steps above. Sent from Share Apps.

Slow Blogging

Imagine that!
I’ve tried doing the whole rapid fire blogging thing. In the past elsewhere the most I could manage was 2 posts a day but the thing you find is you have little time for much else.

As my life has expanded, to take on important things like marriage, church, hobbies and work, blogging has become less important – especially when most thing I find can be condensed into a tweet.

I suspect a lot of bloggers who are slowing down are in the same category as me. Those that have not attracted big advertisers or have more important things to do in real life just don’t have the gumption any more.

And you know what, I realised a long time ago that I don’t have the time or attention span to take in all those 50-a-day bloggers either. Which is why I started cutting them out of my feed in favour of slower blogs a long time ago – advertisers take note!

Traffic Lights

I was on the bus and I saw a cyclist this morning ding some pedestrians who were about to cross on a green light he was about to ride through.

The traffic was gridlocked, so like most pedestrians they took it as a sign they could cross, but a cyclist could easily navigate through the gridlock.

Further up the road I saw the same cyclist, this time approaching a red light, but since it was a minor road that was clear, he went straight through the red.

This is not an uncommon sight in London, but I think it is indicative of a much greater problem with people in general. It is our tendency to ‘ding’ others for not following a rule, when further down the road upon meeting a similar rule we make exceptions for ourselves.

How many times have we heard about traffic cops being caught speeding; politicians breaking laws they voted for; religious leaders being caught in sin? Do as I say, not as I do.

Not that I’m arguing all rules and laws created should be obeyed. Some plainly lack common sense. Rather I am pointing out that we sometimes fail, to some degree, to live up to the standards we set, but expect others to follow them all the same. Perhaps we should reconsider if we are able to live up to our own expectations before we ‘ding’ others for failing them.

Just a thought.

Posting from Android

I’m posting this from my Android phone with the WordPress app. Neat huh?

Normal posting will resume as soon as I can find time to sit down and focus.