I am a Technology/Discovery Consultant and work on code projects and amateur photography in my own time.

This website primarily exists as an email forwarding domain, but since I have it I may as well publish some of my own braindumps as well as some code dumps and tutorials.


  1. The code and tutorials are mainly for my own reference, if they help you out – great, leave some feedback, if not, too bad, leave some feedback and I may update or try to assist. They are mainly workarounds and very kludgy, so YMMV, but you get what you pay for.
  2. The blog may contain some actual thoughts and opinions that I hold in my head. I will attempt not to libel or infringe any ideas; however being in the technology field, I realize in this day and age it’s almost impossible to avoid such preciousness.
    I maintain that what you read here are ideas and opinions and whilst you may disagree with the readable format, they do and will continue to exist in my head and current technology does not allow you to wipe my gray-storage-matter just yet. So there!
  3. Advertising has existed before on this blog, but it didn’t allow me to quit my job and it’s not something I’m comfortable with in general. If you think this blog is worthy of advertisements then you can email ads(at)wafitz(dot)net with an offer. Any and all advertisements will be identified as such.
  4. This blog is hosted outside of the EU, so I won’t annoy you with a cookie banner (hurray)! However there may be some third party cookies in this site – you don’t have to accept them to view the blog.

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