Mixing history, food and drink in London

If you enjoy discoverying little known historic locations and also places to eat and drink, Etain attempts to combine the two by creating a directory of London bars and restaurants where historic events took place.

I recently did some work for the owner of Etain using data taken from English Heritage and cross referencing it with Foursquares venue data.

Shall definitely be using this site next time I have to entertain friends in London!

New BMC ADDM tpl pattern writing as a service

I’ve noticed a small amount of demand recently from businesses seeking a specific technical requirement, such as some database integration. Normally they will shy away from hiring a consultant as the price for this small requirement is difficult to justify.

As a freelance senior certified ADDM consultant I’m offering one-off TPL pattern authoring for any of the following:

  • 1 Deep-dive database integration
  • 1 Application model – no additional discovery elements other than what is discovered OOTB.
  • 1 Fix or enhancment of an OOTB discovery pattern.

This is intended to be an express service with straightforward problem-solving where the problem is already identified.

If you have such a requirement and don’t need full professional services, please visit my profile at http://pph.me/wafitz and see details.