Happy New Year!

Hey I got a new domain: I haven’t done anything with it yet but I intend to start moving ‘operations’ over there. This blog, maybe a static webcam, geocaching related stuff. And I’m working on a weekly(?) podcast with my brother in law – we’re just ironing out the technicalities.

Speaking of domains and online activity. Ever since I did my first egosurf (way back when we were all surfing web 1.0 with 56k dialup, Google was a sound a baby would make, email was the fastest way to communicate and AOL was a formidable giant of the web) this website is what drew in the top results. The image of the little girl has been “picture of the week” for the last 300 weeks. The whole website has never changed since it’s been up and yet it still gets significant ranking when I google my name.

Of all the daft forum posts, stupid blogs and other nonsense I’ve done online, I’d rather anyone see those than to mistake for one of my achievements. I am probably not helping by linking to it, it’s probably bad form to even discuss it like this, but it’s something that’s bothered and haunted me for years so I felt maybe it’s time to clear up any confusion.