Geocaching Statistics

A little while ago I discovered¬† and was using their embedded html on my profile page. It’s a fine web based tool but I’ve recently come across something cooler which provides even more details – and the best thing about it is it’s cross-platform including Linux.

GCStatistic/" >GCStatistics from MacDefender is a tool which you download to your desktop. Once you open it there is a button to automatically log into and order your ‘My Finds’ pocket query (limited to 7 days). When you get the email you then load the gpx/zip into GCStatistics and select the criteria you want to create statistical charts on all your finds.

You can then export to html, but you don’t even have to switch to your browser and log in, GCStatistics will let you click another button to automatically upload the generated stats to your profile page.

I’m pretty impressed with this tool so I think I’m going to keep using it for the meantime. The stats are mainly for my benefit, there’s really no way of competing in Geocaching since a lot of people have been at it a long time, but I don’t have a problem with others seeing what we’ve been up to.

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