A Geocaching FTF Lego Short (stop motion)

I’m currently in the process of editing the film for my geocaching stop motion animation with Playmobil figures. I’m hoping it’s going to take me less than 24 hours in total – and I’m aiming for around 1m30s mark.

In the meantime, check out this awesome stop motion FTF short:

Adventures in Stop Motion

My latests stop motion video. It’s still not up to professional standards – still slightly jittery but I’m already working on the next project. Hoping to make an minute and a half geocaching Playmobil video!

Full Episode of Superted on Youtube

Anyone remember this kids show from the 80’s? I used to love watching this just never felt it lasted long enough…

Apparently, to this day Superted’s secret magic word remains a mystery. This definitely needs to become a kids movie!

Stop Motion: Puzzle Two

Here’s my latest stop motion puzzle I uploaded to YouTube earlier this week.

I went for a snippet of music from Rednex’ Devil on the Loose which you can get from the Pirate Bay, free, courtesy of Rednex themselves.

After completing and watching this one I was left with a feeling of wanting to see more. I definitely think I could have done more with the blocks, so I’m going to work on making longer animations now, which means my next video will be considerably delayed.

Stop Motion: Puzzle One

Recently I ordered a couple of Playmobil and Lego Bionicle figures as I want to have a go at creating a storyboard stop motion animation.

It’s probably going to take a while to put together, but for now, check out my latest animation: Puzzle One.

Stop Motion

I have now made two very, very short clips hosted on YouTube with stop motion using my webcam.

The video quality is not great, but it’s a start, I may switch to using a digital camera instead.

Here is my 2nd attempt – Bearactacus: