The Patent Proof Tablet

A patent proof tablet design

I’ve uploaded an image to G+ here. I drew it on my EeePad Transformer and it pretty much sums up what I think to the whole “rounded corners” design patent crap that Apple is flogging


iPad, Lottery Conspiracies & Geocaching… New Podcast

Our 2nd Netbabble podcast is up, it’s about an hour long, if you do listen to it please feel free to leave some critically constructive feedback. I feel good about it but my voice sounds a bit nasally at first and it takes me a while to get comfortable… lots of ‘err’s and stutters in the beginning.

I personally don’t listen to a lot of podcasts but it is fun to do once you get over the technical difficulties. For those who don’t know me or Mike, we’re doing this over Skype with Mike in Canada at 3pm and me in the UK at 9pm – sounds like we’re in the same room though doesn’t it?!