The Ultimate Coffee Shop

One day I’d like to open a coffee shop, this would be the killer 3rd place, the 3rd place to put Starbucks, Costa, Nero et al to shame…

Here’s what I think would make an ultimate coffee shop for people like me. If this is a good idea, then perhaps someone will take it and make it for me?

  • All the aesthetics and design of the furniture cater to the the individual with laptop (hear-after referred to as IWL)
  • Tables have locking/docking features that enable IWL to leave their laptop in place for quick toilet breaks
  • IWL can pay up front for a bottomless filter coffee refill and 2 meals (breakfast/brunch) lunch for the day – including rent of a space for their laptop.
  • No shitty background music, if someone wants some background music they can plug in their headphones – those that need to conference call can do so with minimal background noise…. speaking of which…
  • Quiet zone is in force… like a library. Quiet chit-chat is ok, take your screaming kids to Costa.
  • Plenty of power points, charging stations and ethernet cables.
  • Along with coffees, pastries and sandwiches, tech accessories are on sale.
  • Open 24/7
  • VPN, Scanning, Printing available
  • Payments taken and orders made at table as well as counter
  • No crappy forms to tick on connection. A new wifi password issued daily for casual IWLs, premium wifi for registered IWLs.