Religious Crap in Geocaches

Groundspeak forums are aflame once again… this time over a month old thread that has recently been resurrected from the grave.

And, then I found it. Slightly larger than my signature business card was this paper religious tract type of a thing.

Shock! Horror! Oh the travesty!

So what do you think of religious tracts left in geocaches? Personally I dislike the idea – anything paper or even card left in a cache ends up becoming damp and soggy – affecting the overall presentation of swag – not to mention does anyone other than the dilligent CITO’er really get much out of trading for them?

I’d like to know what generous Christian traded for their 1 penny tract… is this a case of “Riches I have not, but I do have this handy geocaching-friendly¬†salvation-simplifying cartoon¬†tract…”?

Come on, there’s some much better religious swag that can be used as quality trade items over a soggy tract!

Kickstart Samsung N210 Wireless

Update 1: Chris (see comments) has kindly provided a up-to-date driver (from Realtek) said to fix hanging issues after hibernate. I tested hibernate and apart from an Ubuntu One crash it worked. Instructions from the Realtek contact are provided below the original post, if you find it doesn’t work and want to try a different method.

Update 2: I’ve had to take the Realtek rtl8192e driver file down now as it’s hammering my bandwidth and I don’t want to pay extra money at this time. However I uploaded a copy to YourFileLink file hosting – get it here.

Update 3: For those who have upgraded to UNR version 10.04 and above, this solution seems to no longer work, please see my updated post.

My Sammy NC10 worked flawlessly when I installed Ubuntu Jaunty and every upgrade after then, before that, on Ibex I had to do teeny bit of hacking to get the wireless to work.

Well, after purchasing my N210, wireless is once again broken of course. Must be something to do with Samsung’s choice of wireless cards. Thankfully help is always on hand and I found the troubleshooting post at the Ubuntu Forums.

Now follow the instructions below (reproduced from chilli555’s forum post):

  1. Open a terminal and type:
  2. sudo apt-get install linux-headers-`uname -r` build-essential

  3. Extract the downloaded file to your desktop and then cd into the newly created directory (rtl8…)
  4. Now do type the following in order:
  5. make
    sudo su
    make install
    modprobe r8192e-pci

  6. You may find you need to run the 2nd from last command (modprobe) as a normal user in order for wireless to start up automatically next time to reboot.

It’s as simple as that, and if your wireless fails again after a major update, then just run the modprobe command again. But it’s best to save the driver locally somewhere just in case.

For the NC10, Canonical fixed this issue on the next release (Jaunty) so I have faith that this will be a none issue in less than 6 months time also.

Alternative install, provided by Realtek:

1. Change to the driver directory.
2. sudo su
3. make
4. make install
5. Reboot
6. ./wlan0up or ./wlan1up

Notes: 1. If permission denied, change property with `chmod 777 wlan0up`
2. Or enable driver with `ifconfig wlanx up`(wlanx denote wlan interface name).

Cache Maggot Arrested!

Geotards cry “Let his blood be on us…”!

Another frenzy has been whipped up over on Groundspeak forums over the arrest of someone who has been allegedly plundering caches for a long time.

Speaking as someone who’s had 2 caches stolen, I’m not really feeling the urge to grab my pitchfork and join the lynch mob. Yes it was frustrating that my cache went missing twice, but I treat it as an accepted risk of the game. The third time I re-hid the cache I put in a shocking electric lighter (with a note on the cache page). But my third hide has been much more successful so far – the cache maggot has not found the new one yet.

There’s a lot of discussion about the legal position of caches placed, abandoned property and whether the charge will stand up in court. There’s an argument whether the cache itself could be seen as a litter and the thief simply doing their civic duty of removing it.

I’ve lately switched to mostly lurking the geocaching forums, there’s a few rabid Coyote’s that frequent them who take the game, and themselves far too seriously.

Repeat after me “It’s a piece of tupperware filled with McToys, It’s a piece of tupperware filled with McToys…”