Firefox Ubiquity and Geocache GC Code search

I really like Mozilla’s new Ubiquity extension for firefox.

It’s like having a command line for the web. I can’t see too many users adopting it as the command line is too scary for most casual and Windows users (even though, ironically, it’s easier to use).

However, since it’s an open platform I thought I’d have a go at my first firefox extension. I’m not a software developer and outside of building MS Access DBs in my youth, I haven’t really done much development. So although it’s pretty basic, I’m quite proud actually!

But I did manage to come up with small command for searching via

Subscribe to it here:

I’d welcome anyone who would wish to extend it as I’m not really hot on javascript.

Hopefully it will provide some use to a few geocachers maybe.

Edited 14/11/09: Accidentally deleted the first gist. Added new link.