Netbabble Podcast Episode #6: The Digital Economy Bill #debill (12/04/10)

Our latest Netbabble podcast is available over at In this one we discuss the controversial Digital Economy Bill recently passed into UK law.

There’s a lot I didn’t get to say about this one, but I hope I made my feelings clear. It’s a bad law, and it’s already ineffective since not only is it possible to cover your tracks almost completely whilst file-sharing, pirates are already working on new technology – just as BitTorrent rose out of the ashes of Napster.

The sooner big media dies or gets a new business model the better. I look forward to the future where non-commercial sharing is legal and treated the same as the sneakernet.

Netbabble Podcast Episode #5: Geosnatching (05/04/10)

Mike and WesOur latest Netbabble podcast is available over at This one is titled Geosnatching.

I discuss a concept for a new game with Mike, and why it’s a bad idea to integrate it with geocaching! I use lot’s of umm‘s and y’know‘s.

Netbabble Podcast: The Micro-loan Conspiracy

Our 3rd Netbabble podcast has finally arrived.

You can listen to the stream at or get it from iTunes apparently. I say apparently, I can’t get such restrictive software on Linux.