Netbabble Podcast Episode #6: The Digital Economy Bill #debill (12/04/10)

Our latest Netbabble podcast is available over at In this one we discuss the controversial Digital Economy Bill recently passed into UK law.

There’s a lot I didn’t get to say about this one, but I hope I made my feelings clear. It’s a bad law, and it’s already ineffective since not only is it possible to cover your tracks almost completely whilst file-sharing, pirates are already working on new technology – just as BitTorrent rose out of the ashes of Napster.

The sooner big media dies or gets a new business model the better. I look forward to the future where non-commercial sharing is legal and treated the same as the sneakernet.

Netbabble Podcast Episode #5: Geosnatching (05/04/10)

Mike and WesOur latest Netbabble podcast is available over at This one is titled Geosnatching.

I discuss a concept for a new game with Mike, and why it’s a bad idea to integrate it with geocaching! I use lot’s of umm‘s and y’know‘s.

Netbabble Podcast: The Micro-loan Conspiracy

Our 3rd Netbabble podcast has finally arrived.

You can listen to the stream at or get it from iTunes apparently. I say apparently, I can’t get such restrictive software on Linux.

iPad, Lottery Conspiracies & Geocaching… New Podcast

Our 2nd Netbabble podcast is up, it’s about an hour long, if you do listen to it please feel free to leave some critically constructive feedback. I feel good about it but my voice sounds a bit nasally at first and it takes me a while to get comfortable… lots of ‘err’s and stutters in the beginning.

I personally don’t listen to a lot of podcasts but it is fun to do once you get over the technical difficulties. For those who don’t know me or Mike, we’re doing this over Skype with Mike in Canada at 3pm and me in the UK at 9pm – sounds like we’re in the same room though doesn’t it?!

Netbabble: Getting The Show On The Road

Our second beta podcast is imminent – keep an eye on Netbabble for it’s appearance. I am quite excited about this.


Happy New Year!

Hey I got a new domain: I haven’t done anything with it yet but I intend to start moving ‘operations’ over there. This blog, maybe a static webcam, geocaching related stuff. And I’m working on a weekly(?) podcast with my brother in law – we’re just ironing out the technicalities.

Speaking of domains and online activity. Ever since I did my first egosurf (way back when we were all surfing web 1.0 with 56k dialup, Google was a sound a baby would make, email was the fastest way to communicate and AOL was a formidable giant of the web) this website is what drew in the top results. The image of the little girl has been “picture of the week” for the last 300 weeks. The whole website has never changed since it’s been up and yet it still gets significant ranking when I google my name.

Of all the daft forum posts, stupid blogs and other nonsense I’ve done online, I’d rather anyone see those than to mistake for one of my achievements. I am probably not helping by linking to it, it’s probably bad form to even discuss it like this, but it’s something that’s bothered and haunted me for years so I felt maybe it’s time to clear up any confusion.