Solve my Mystery Geocache

I’m headed to Cork, Ireland for a week and a half, so there’ll be little or no posts, check twitter @wafitz for updates.

Currently I’m sitting on a car ferry from Fishguard using wifi@sea – via satellite, pretty cool.

In the meantime, we just published a new mystery/puzzle geocache. To be solved at home then searched for at night following a trail of firetacks.

See if you can solve it here:
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Mystery journal

Stop Motion: Puzzle Two

Here’s my latest stop motion puzzle I uploaded to YouTube earlier this week.

I went for a snippet of music from Rednex’ Devil on the Loose which you can get from the Pirate Bay, free, courtesy of Rednex themselves.

After completing and watching this one I was left with a feeling of wanting to see more. I definitely think I could have done more with the blocks, so I’m going to work on making longer animations now, which means my next video will be considerably delayed.

Stop Motion: Puzzle One

Recently I ordered a couple of Playmobil and Lego Bionicle figures as I want to have a go at creating a storyboard stop motion animation.

It’s probably going to take a while to put together, but for now, check out my latest animation: Puzzle One.