The Walking Dead: Zombie School

How cool is this? The latest production video from AMC for The Walking Dead adaptation. I’m really anticipating this new series in filling the hole that Lost left, for me anyway.

I also wonder how close they’ll stick to the comics, I’m kind of hoping they do stray a little otherwise there’ll be no surprises for me. At the same time I hope they’re gutsy enough to kill off the same characters – Too many shows get attached to certain actors then it really drags down the storyline. This is why I like Dexter so much – not only were they prepared to stray from the books they were really ballsy with their Season 4 cliffhanger.

Check out the black guy at the end of the video, he’s totally into it, method acting and all…!

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Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luthor King…

Martin Freeman rambling and doing a “David Brent” for Sony Bravia.

One of my favourite moments in the Office (the British version) would be when Tim would simply stared straight at the camera and that said it all!

Fraggle Rock

Since I published the Youtube vid of Superted, I’ve been exploring to see what other old shows I could find. Who remembers Fraggle Rock? Another show I used to love as a kid.

I always wondered what the Doozers constructions tasted like – and did they ever get to complete a building project?

Review: V 2009 Remake

Who else is liking the 2009 remake of “V” so far? Episode 5 was screened last week as it hits American TV screens again after a long hiatus.

Elizabeth Mitchell, who I miss in Lost, makes a for competent FBI agent caught in the centre of a Visitor plot to take over Earth whilst at the same time trying to work with a compromised government agency.

Underneath, we're not all the same...
Erica fights a V and slices open his hand

A nice little side story is developing with Scott Wolf as the news anchor who is being manipulated by Morena Baccarin’s character, Anna. I wonder which side he’s going to take when it comes to the crunch? At the moment he seems to be sacrificing his journalistic integrity for the exclusives, but will he be challenged beyond his journalist nature?

Other side stories include a foreshadowed lizard baby, Erica Evan’s (Mitchell) son Tyler (Logan Huffman) joining the V’s, the smouldering sexual tension between Jack Landry (Joel Gretsch) and Erica, there is a certain something missing – like a food needs seasoning.

Aside from all the minor plot points, the show still feels very linear – but I hope that this is just so they can remain open to latecomers. I fear Lost has wrecked my TV viewing expectations – if a show doesn’t have regular plot twists and confuse the heck out of me it risks loses my interest.

So what does V need now? The characters are brilliant, the storyline is above par. So here’s my suggestions:

  • Lizards. We need to see more lizard. I get they’re building up, revealing more as we go along, but what about something different than just lizards wearing fake skin, what about some different species of lizard? Or maybe some alien beasts other than just humanoids?
  • Twists. It needs to be a little bit more twistier. How about working in some plot points that just don’t make sense now but remain centrifugal to the main plot. Add some tension beyond fear of passive surveillance. For this to work, we’d need to feel that the main characters, the good guys are slightly ambiguous in their motivations, or we need to see that they really aren’t in control and could die or be found out at any moment.
  • Mysterious Third Party. Slight extension on the twists above. Inject a third party into the mix beyond visitors and humans. The third party’s objectives should not be clear, they should not appear to be on either human or visitors side, but at times appear like they are helping one side, then the other. They should make it occasionally easier and occasionally more complicated for both humans and visitors. Although the 5th Column is mysterious, it’s pretty clear that they are working against the visitors – perhaps the 5th Column take on this role, but right now it feels like they are pretty much on side with humans.

What do you think? Am I right?

Lost TV Series Theories (spoilers)

The TV show Lost is now well into it’s final season and yet so many mysteries still remain, as rabid fans such as myself will attest to.

Lately I’ve been passively browsing Lostpedia in order to explore the themes and links (between characters, objects and places) and there is just so much to absorb. I particularly enjoy reading some of the comprehensive theories that exist, some seem more plausible than others of course.

I do wonder if, over the course of the show, the creators have ever read a fan theory and enjoyed it so much that they decided to include it as part of the overall mythos. I also wonder if any of the more plausible theories that are out there, if one has already hit the target.

I notice that the theories can be roughly split into two categories. One is a reference to culture/literature/history/religion/myth, the other is a more general end-game theory – what is it all about.

I have had my own musings but never really was interesting in speculating on where it was going, much more content to wait and see where the show takes us. However after the last two episodes (604 & 605), and since we are so close to endgame I decided to have a go.

You’ll have to forgive my Christian outlook, which causes me filter my perception of the show through Christian lenses, but I’m going to choose to see my theory as a reference rather than endgame.

My Lost Theory: The Fall

The Island is the mythical Garden of Eden. The skeletons in the cave are possibly the genuine Adam and Eve (though probably not as Locke already made reference), the ‘angel’ guarding the entrance to the garden is the Smoke Monster/MiB or possibly the mysterious boy who appears to be an unknown 3rd party power on the island. God made sure that humans could never re-enter the garden by making it a ‘floating’ island that moves all over the earth and never appears in the same place twice.

There are a few events that would support this theory, but I’ll concede in weight of all the other happenings on the island it is still weak.

  • Jacob as the “Jesus archetype.” – Reconciling God to man (man to the island/Eden), granting miracles and appearing after death. The MiB is a Lucifer archetype – the “accuser” who points out that man will always fail.

    “They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.” Man in Black, The Incident Part 1

  • Jacob as God the Father, watching over all. Appearing to some and giving them specific instructions, to others he does not appear directly but instead provides a way for them to find him.

    “Sometimes you can just…hop in the back of someone’s cab and tell them what they’re supposed to do. Other times…you have to let them look out at the ocean for a while.” Jacob, Lighthouse

  • The MiB is the guardian angel to Eden, Jacob is a fallen angel or Satan himself (which would be a great Supernatural tie in) – trying to bring man back to the island/garden to overthrow Heaven.
  • Eternal life and resurrection. Richard Alpert states that his agelessness was a ‘gift’ from Jacob. Perhaps the island contains the tree of life with which Jacob used to give Richard eternal life?
  • Tree of knowledge. One of the things that led me to this theory was when the MiB tempted both Richard, and later Sawyer with access to knowledge in The Substitute. Richard chose to continue to obey Jacob, even without knowing Jacobs plans or reasons. Sawyer however gives in to temptation, and falls to the dark side.

    “Oh, Richard… I’m sorry. You mean, you’ve been doing everything he told you all this time and he never said why? …
    I would never have done that to you. I would never have kept you in the dark…. I would have treated you with respect. Come with me… and I promise I will tell you everything.” MiB (Locke) to Richard, The Substitute

    “What if I told you I was the person who could answer the most important question in the world?” MiB (Locke) to Sawyer, The Substitute

  • Jack. Lighthouse was a Jack-centric episode where we see in the flashsideways that he has a son named David. Jack’s number is 23 and we learn that Jacob has been watching Jack all his life – that Jack is special. Psalm 23 is the famous “Lord is my Shepherd” psalm, a psalm of David about God’s leading him through the the wilderness and being his source of protection and guidance. Jack is a candidate and the candidates are ‘protected’.

So my theory is not as thorough as could be, and it will probably be blown out of the water come the next episode but it’s fun to digress once in a while.

So what are your theories, anything else to add to this list, anything that would disprove it?